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Aequus Solutions provides authorized calibrations, repairs, and maintenance for applied force testing instruments with low uncertainties. We specialize in calibrating tensile and compression force gauges, both mechanical and digital.

1. Temperature

Liquid in glass thermometer, clinical thermometer, incubator babu, temperature sensor with indicator, temperature transmitter sensor, temperature indicator (without sensor), PT 100, thermocouple sensor, thermohygrometer, radiation thermometer, temperature thermostat, climatic chamber, fluid bath and autoclave.

2. Volume

POVA, volumetric glassware, measuring cups, measuring flasks, burettes, mumps pipettes, measuring pipettes.

3. Pressure

Vacuum gauge, pressure test gauge, pressure gauge, low pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, sphygmomanometer, suction pump.

4. Torque

push pull gauge, universal testing strength, push pull, torque driver, torque driver, torque analyzer, torque wrench, load ring), Torsi (torque wrench, torque meter).

5. Dimensional

Gauge block, outside micrometer, inside micrometer, depth micrometer, head micrometer, tooth thickness micrometer, vernier caliper, height gauge, dial indicator, dial gauge tester, dial gauge, bore gauge, thread gauge, plug gauge, plain limit, feeler gauge, pin gauge, ring gauge, taper gauge, coating thickness meter, dial thickness gauge, depth gauge, taper gauge, snap gauge, bevel protector, square, profile projector, coordinate measuring machine, universal length machine surface plate, micrometer hole test, surface roughness, measuring taper gauge, bore gauge.

6. Mass

Belt scale, weights & scales.

7. Hardness

Rockwell hardness tester, vickers hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester & shore durometer hardness.

8. Photometry

Gloss meter, UV-Vis spectrophotometer.

9. Analytical Instruments

Ph meter, conductivity meter, visco meter, visco cup.

10. Electrical, Time & Frequency

DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, DC ammeter, AC ammeter, DC voltage source, AC voltage source, DC low ohm meter (v-method), AC voltage ratio tester, DC current source, AC current source, DC clampemeter, AC clampmeter, frequency meter, phase meter, frequency generator, ohmmeter, insulation tester, resistance, kWh meter, oscilloscope, inductance meter, capacitance, earth tester, DC current shunt, AC current shunt, power supply, electrocardiograph, AC power meter , DC power meter) (stopwatch, optical tachometer, centrifuge.

Pick Up Packages

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Standard Calibration

7 - 10 Days

Lead Time of Calibration

Economical Calibration


Express Calibration

Lead Time of Calibration

3 Days

Priority Calibration


Onsite Calibration

Booking Required

Pre-arranged Appointment with customer (2 weeks booking in advance)

Customer Premises

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