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Welcome to
Aequus Solutions

Our strong values and philosophy put customers first
We work with commitment and dedication to provide the best technology solution


We will try to find a better solution

We will complete our work with excellence

We will solve the problem to the best with our capability

We will try new things but must weigh any risks for our company


If you has a problem, we'll carry it

We will be responsible for timely delivery

We will serve with my heart and full of commitment


We will treat our customer with respect

We listen sincerely to understand you

Our customers deserve only the best

Aequus ?

Instrumentation, engineering, and automation solutions are provided by PT. Mandiri Transforma Global - Aequus Solutions to customers in order to meet their needs for stability and enhance operational performance. Since 2002, Aequus Calibration Service - PT. Mandiri Transforma Global has worked with clients to optimize the "connectivity" of their measuring instrument with international norms in order to ensure the "proper" value of the measuring instrument.Starting in 2020, PT. Mandiri Transforma Global - Aequus Solutions will work alongside clients to incorporate "connectivity" into their business operations based on the requirement for "connectivity" in customers for all operational aspects. We assist customers in realizing manufacturing operations that are automated, controlled, and monitored at any time and from any location by employing one of Industry 4.0's pillars, namely: IoT (Internet of Things).

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Our Previous
Industry Experience

Food & Beverages 

Entertaiment Industry

 Media and Telecommunication



Mining and Energy

Automotive Industry


Manufacturing Industry

Medical and Pharmaceuticals

Aviation and Tourism

Aviation and Tourism

Aequus Solutions

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